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Friday, August 9, 2002

I'm not in the best of health right now. I have a head/throat thing. Ughness. I was really not doing to well yesterday afternoon. Every noise, every movement, everything made my head hurt. Almost like a migraine. Anyway, I was online and fairly comfortable and didn't want to move but I got pretty bored. So I headed over to Katy Bowser's site. Not that I only go when I'm bored, it's just that I don't usually have the time. So I went exploring on Katy's site. Let me just tell you what an angel she is. She was such a comfort to me yesterday. I can't even tell you what is was. But I do know that as I had tears in my eyes from the stinkin pain, Katy made them all go away. I do love that girl, even if she is a rock star! ;) (and those of you who would probably tell her anyway, you have my permission!)

Friday, August 2, 2002

So, I don't really have anything to say. I mean, I could talk on and on for forever about random stuff, but I don't feel like it. And I'm unapologetic about it. So there! Actually, I won't have much time this year with my new job and volunteering at Trinity and diving and my somewhat easy course load (Any surprise that I have the easiest load of all my friends? Nope! Any surprise that I'm complaining? Nope!) to do whole lot of blogging. I'll hardly have time to keep up with the Andy board. So basically, I'm trying to wean myself off of blogging. You'll probably hear from me twice or thrice a month from now on. So I'm not disappearing on you anymore, I'm just living.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

My apologies for disappearing for a while. Life's been crazy and wierd and strange and busy for the past couple weeks. Not that it'll get any better. School starts in 2 weeks (which I'll post more on later). Less than, actually. So I don't know how much that will affect my posting. So take this as fair warning if I disappear again!
I went to camp last week and had the absolute best week of my life. No joke. I have some really good stories that I might share at some point. But not now. I am, however, getting a call tonight or tomorrow night from a certain someone I met at camp. Wouldn't you know, he's from Richmond. But we'll see.
The Talbot's thing fell through. They never called any of my references. But I have an interview at Inside Scoop in 5 hours. So that's fun. That was the original place I applied. Though I was kinda hoping I could work at Trinity this year. However, if I start working at IS soon, I may, by the time next summer runs around, be able to take a week off for camp. And I may be able to coach next summer along with working there. And I really like both those options.
And now I'm off to the Gardens. One of my friends, who I've known since 5th grade, is going to School of Science and Math next year and has to move in soon. So we're having a little hang out before school starts/goodbye to Monica get together today. Which will be awesome since I haven't seen my school friends in at least a month or more. Some of them I haven't seen since school. And everyone picks up their parking pass today so it'll be all exciting. So yeah, I'm off.

Thursday, July 12, 2002

I'm swimming my last race ever today. Wow. It feels so wierd to say that. One more 50 breaststroke. And then I'm done. Funny thing is, it's not like with track. I'm not running next year (unless something really strange happens). So I was counting down the miles 'til I was done running. But I haven't done that with swimming. Maybe it's because I still kind of enjoy it. Anyway, I'm done after tonight. Maybe I'll PR. That'd be fun!

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Ok, this is really sad. I just called my best friend from 8th and 9th grade to see if she's coming to this Clinic that her swim team is running today. Her mom picked up and told me that she wasn't home and then asked to take a message. So I told her that this was Kate (they know me as Kate) and kinda paused, expecting her to be like, "Oh hey! How are you doing? How's your summer?" and stuff like that. But she was just like "Ok. What's your number". I mean, I gave it to her and everything, but I was just like, whoa! She doesn't even remember me! I used to babysit for my friend's younger sister and her mom doesn't even remember me! It's funny how much people can grow apart in just a year! And it's not even that we're not friends anymore. We are. We just don't do much outside of school anymore. Anyway, that just kinda surprised me.

Monday, July 8, 2002

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get in here in only 10 mintues, but I'll try. I got a call today from Talbot's Kids. Hooray! I have an interview with them tomorrow at 1pm. So first of all, wish me luck! I'm not gonna make any guarantees or anything, but I have a feeling that I'll get the job. I think Talbot's will be a nice fit for me! I've been wanting this TK job. When I applied there, I absolutely loved the manager. Having a bad manager was one of my biggest fears about getting a job. But I just love her.
But aside from all that, I knew that I needed to get a job. And I should have been praying about it. I will be the first one to tell you that my prayer life hasn't been what it should be lately. Even still, this is the type of thing that I'd be praying for. But for some unexplainable reason, I hadn't. At all. Not even the slighest bit. But does that stop God? Nope. Not a bit. Someone shared Romans 8:26-28 with me today as I was telling them this story. Good stuff. I just think it's so cool that the God we worship can and does answer that prayers that I've never prayed.
That's all I have time for tonight, but I'll add more tomorrow. Feel free to pray for the interview tomorrow! I'll fill you in when I get back!

Saturday, July 6, 2002

I just finished a song. As in like 30 minutes ago. I'm really excited about it. And though I don't usually post songs here, I'm going to with this one. As soon as I can work up the guts to do so. I can't keep it to myself. You'll be able to find it in the special ramblings part. Feel free to tell me how you like it.

And Anna, it has nothing to do with King's Dominion, so don't get any ideas or anything.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

I suppose I should post something here today. But for anyone who knows me, I'm not very patriotic. Not that I don't love my country. But I'm not real into flying flags and doing everything red, white and blue. Never have been. Not even after 9/11. I played "America, the Beautiful" this morning on my viola. That's good enough. And besides, I'm really mad at the government right now anyway. More so than usual (stupid democracy). We're stinkin not allowed to set off fireworks. Ummm, hello! What's the point of Independace Day? To celebrate our "freedom". How do we do that? By setting off fireworks, of course. And by not letting people set them off, they're taking away our freedoms. Why should I celebrate a country with a government that has no concern for it's people? Nope. Not gonna happen. You can leave me out of this holiday.

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Ok, King's Dominion was great, but I don't think I could handle doing that again for about another year. I think I'm getting too old. ;-) But seriously, I had a great time. And there's soooo much I wanna say, but I'm afraid to. I don't want to say anything that could later be used against me. Nothing that anyone could prove. Nothing that could hold up in a court of law. Ok, so there's nothing really that bad. If you really wanna know, drop me a note and I can tell you.

Just as a quick aside about my last post...the "we" (when I said "we tend to think...") refers to my friends and I...not "we" as in just me and Wendy or "we" as in everyone. Just thought I'd clear that up in case there was any confusion!

Thursday, June 27, 2002

I felt really young today. I'm not really sure why. I was hanging out with my friend Wendy. We hung out, ate, waited for our pictures to get developed (that reminds me--I have red hair pics now! Just gotta get them scanned!). And we sat at in my room and talked for LONG time. We talked about school next year, college, getting married, etc. And I felt SO young! Maybe part of it is that I've been hanging out in Andy Peterson's chat more lately and everyone else in there is several years older than I. It's a little humbling though to think that I'm only 16 and that I (hopefully...sorta) have so many many more years to live. We tend to think that life only goes through college. And maybe grad/law/med school. Anyway, it was just a humbling thought. Especially since I tend to forget that I'm only as old as I am (if that made any sense!).

Thursday, June 27, 2002

I've had bunches of fun with my new counter. My old one was messed up and only showed like 1 hit a week. And I knew I got more than that. So I got a new one. Good folks at And now I'm finding out that people from all over read my ramblings. Someone from the UNC library (lol, just kidding, I know who that is!). Someone here in state on Roadrunner that's not who I thought it was. Someone in Houston (hey, I have no clue who you are, but please send me an email or leave me a message in the guestbook to tell me who you are!). Someone looking for pictures of Shav. Someone looking for stuff on Bruce (hey, if you're a Willow Run kid, let me know!). It's so cool to know that people I don't know are reading my thoughts! Wow! Anyway, to all those of whom I don't know personally--please, Please, PLEASE drop me a note or leave something in the guestbook and tell me who you are and how you got here and all that stuff!

Thursday, June 20, 2002

About my nice long post--it's not happening. I decided that I have too much to do and not enough time and I'm too worn out and exhausted to post it now or anytime soon. I promise that it will at one point make it up. Remind me sometime in August or something. Sorry to taunt y'all! My apologies to those who have faithfully sent me threatening emails telling me to post it!

Thursday, June 20, 2002

So here's the story with Shane. I mean, there isn't a huge story or anything. Shane is one of the assistant coaches on my summer league team. He's 18 and just graduated. He's lived here for 4 years. He's tall, buff and incredibly good looking. And I hate him.
The first summer he lived here, all the "big kids" on the swim team really started getting along and started doing stuff together. Because I was really good friends with one of the girls and because I was approaching "big kidness" myself, I was more or less included in everything. Everything that Shane didn't plan that is. Every single time Shane was like, "Hey, let's all go to a movie" or "Hey, let's go hang out at the pool", I wasn't invited. Every time Shane offered to take everyone to Ci-Ci's in the back of his truck, the offer wasn't extended to me. At this point, there was no negative history or anything. It was all just random. And anytime he was asked why I wasn't invited, he changed the subject. So it was obviously done on purpose. It was kind of a "What the heck, where did that come from" type of thing. So needless to say, he quickly became my not favorite person. But things didn't stop there.
The next summer was more or less the same. In the fall of 9th grade, I needed a ride to morning practice one morning (imagine that!) and he was the only one in the neighborhood on the team, so I asked him. Not only was he very late picking me up, he drove extremely dangerously (the only time I've ever truly felt in danger while in a car), he glared at me the entire time and he refused to give me a ride to school. The next summer, things got ugly.
I had toe problems (a big surprise, I know!) last summer and for a couple days, I could only swim freestyle. I told the other coaches and they ok'd me to get some distance in since I couldn't really do anything else. Shane however, decided to take it upon himself to harass me. He yelled at me constantly (even though he wasn't my age group coach). He also decided one time, while giving us a lecture on using our practice time wisely, to use me as an example in front of the entire group (ages 11 and up), calling me a "slacker" (ok, so that much is true!) and a "complete waste of time". Then there was the time he pushed me. And the time he laughed at me when I swallowed a boatload of water and started choking (I swear, if I started drowning, he wouldn't try to save me!). And none of this is including all the things he's said/done to my friends (for example--My friend Callie has health problems this past year so she didn't have a very good season. And in the middle of practice one day, Shane turned to her and said, "God, it must really suck to go from being really good to sucking. Glad that won't happen to me!").
So that's the Shane story. Maybe not necessarily grounds to hate him, but that's yet to stop me. I think the thing that gets me the most is that he abuses his position to make my life miserable.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

I did the strangest thing today. I talked to Shane. I didn't yell at him, I didn't give him any attitude, I wasn't obnoxious. I talked to him. In a normal, civilized, humane manner. I can honestly say that I don't think that's ever happened before. Interesting. Now, I'm sure this is becoming a little odd for some of you, those who don't know who Shane is. So I'll explain all that later. Just keep in mind that it's the first time we've ever talked to each other as normal humans do.
I got me a job! YAY!!! There's a lady in my neighborhood who's having surgery on Monday. They just got a 4 month old puppy who needs lots of attention and someone to play with. And she has to stay in bed for 2 months. So, I go over every week day for 2 or so hours to play with Bently (the puppy) and do stuff like run the dishwasher and sweep and stuff. And I get $7.50 an hour. So, that shall be taking care of my car insurance for a while. And now my parents are off my back! YAY!!!

Monday, June 10, 2002

Ok, so it's more than a week later and I still don't have up my big special rambling. Oh well. Maybe it'll be done by the end of the summer. If I'm lucky.
I just got back the other day from my big Southeast loop. I left here on Wednesday morning and got to Chattanooga, TN at dinner time. Then Thursday night, I drove down to Atlanta. And then Friday morning, I got up and drove most of the day to Charlotte and got there about dinner time Friday. Then Saturday morning, I woke up and drove to Greensboro and then drove back home. I originally went to look at Covenant College (which I absolutely fell in love with) but then we ended up going to Atlanta to see some old family friends. Let me tell you, I am just about all "SEC-ed" out. I'm loving my Duke things more than ever! But I really did like being in the Bible Belt. I mean, I know I'm in the BB here, but even more so in Chattanooga and Atlanta. My mom and I would be driving (we did a lot of that!) and would see 8 or 10 churches in a row, on the same street! It was really pretty cool! Only in the Southeast do you see that! I love it!

Saturday, June 1, 2002

I've been blogging for about a year now. Sort of. I'm quite ashamed of my 4 month absence during the fall. But in looking back over my past blogs, I'm surprised at how much I've changed since then. I didn't even realize it. I don't write about my songs or other writings anymore. Mostly because I haven't really written this year. I've written something every other month or so, but nothing substantial like before.
I've finally gotten my viola! Well, I've gotten a viola. It's not the one I'm keeping. But it works for now! And it looks like I may be working on a new project involving stringed instruments and music and all that good stuff. But for now, it's a surprise.
And lastly, I'm working really hard (or hardly working, one or the other!) on finishing a nice long reflection of this past school year. It'll go on my special ramblings page. So I'll let you know when it's up!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Wow. It's only 2 days into my swim season. And already, there's this incredible friendship blooming. I don't want to say too much right now. But it's one of those things where I've known him for years. Six, actually. He was one of the first people I met when I moved here. But for some reason, we've never spent any time together. He didn't swim for the past 2 years, which was when I really got to know all the "big kids" on the team. Anyway, we've had a great time the past 2 days. Haha, that sounds so stupid. But honestly, we have. I can tell already that despite Shane, this will be a very fun summer!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

My gracious goodness. I've had so much to say lately and not enough time to get it all down! I'd like to say that I'll have more time in the not so distant future, but with swimming and viola, and especially if I get this American Eagle job, I won't have much time at all. But in my rare spare time, I've been working on a nice super long post. It'll be muchly enjoyable. It's taking forever though. Oh well.